Launched by three Copenhagen-based journalists, Bord* is a biweekly-ish newsletter about the Danish capital’s food and drink scene.

We decided to create Bord because we love this city and we love its restaurants and we know there is no separating the two--that a big part of what makes Copenhagen such an extraordinary place is its food culture. And because we know that food and drinks culture here is far more layered, far more diverse, and far more exciting than it is often portrayed.

In other words, we’re doing it because the best way we know to support restaurants is by telling good stories about them.

But we’re also doing it because we believe that good journalism--informed, deeply reported, accurate, and well-written-- still matters. Just as we’ve learned to value local produce and local community in new ways during the pandemic, we’ve come to think that local journalism, grounded in a deep knowledge of place, is worth protecting.

The three of us have watched magazines and newspapers we love die agonising deaths. We’ve seen the in-depth, enlightening kind of stories we love to read get replaced with clickbait and tweets. We’ve learned— through our own experience and that of so many friends and colleagues whose work we admire—how hard it is to make a living doing good journalism.

So we thought we’d try something new. At the very least, we figured, we might as well have fun doing it.

In addition to one or two big features a month, issues of Bord will have post-pandemic interviews with Copenhagen chefs, bartenders, restaurateurs, somms, and servers about how they’re navigating this strange era we find ourselves in. They’ll have stories about the stories behind the dishes that make this city such an exciting place to eat. And they’ll have whatever other random things happen to catch our interest.

What you won’t find, now or ever, are reviews. Or press releases masquerading as journalism. Or stupid, buzzy lists telling you to go here, not there. You also won’t find any sponsored content or comps--any meal we write about, we pay for. Because it’s not supporting restaurants if restaurants lose money when they feed you. 

We hope you’ll like Bord enough to subscribe. Because we want this to be sustainable, and because we believe that everyone should be paid for their work, we’ve put parts of it behind a paywall; a subscription will get you access to all our stories. That includes a subscribers-only calendar with upcoming events that we think will be of interest to people in the food and beverage world.

But you can receive occasional pieces—at least one per month—for free, just by signing up. 

Love and kisses,

Lars, Lars, and Lisa

*’Bord’ = ‘table’ in Danish. It ≠ ‘bored’.

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The stories and personalities behind Copenhagen's food scene



The stories and personalities behind Copenhagen's food scene