Dots, corn germ, and what Robuchon has to do with any of this

June 2022

What medieval guilds, private culinary schools, and a very young Tony Bourdain have to do with today's stagiaire system
Part One in an interminable dissertation on the stagiaire system and how it can change

April 2022

Meditations on Brasserie Prins and the eternal return of French cooking

March 2022

The special psychology of war, and discovering you can act
A chef's diary from a country under siege. With recipes.

February 2022

Global politics, a carrot dish, and little-known conditions involving the senses.
Protests past and present

January 2022

If the problems are structural, what should the response to the individual be?
Toxic workplaces, thwarted visas, and other unresolved things
Louise Bannon and her vision of what bread can be

December 2021

A moment, between press conferences, to ponder what's next for julefrokost and beyond